Marketing and fun


Isn’t marketing fun? Seriously? Business can be fun even when its tough. It’s even easier when you make note of things you’d do differently if you were X cheap nba jerseys business.

This blog is nothing more than musings about interesting Basic observations from every day life on fabricate business and marketing.

One example that came to me as I’m writing this. I cheap jerseys happen to be watching television and Spike TV advertised a UFC fight on July 19th. That’s great news… especially because I don’t have to pay for it. But. Will I remember by July 19th? Not unless I put it into my calender on my Blackberry.

With all of the modern technology within my cable box how hard would it be to allow me to bookmark or record a show so that I can be warned that the show is coming on.. either when I’m watching television or by email in case I happen to take the kids out for ice cream? I haven’t had DirecTV in a while but I know a few years ago they were experimenting with similar tools. How could a company like Comcast be so far behind? This isn’t rocket science.

So how am I going to remind myself? I went into my Blackberry and had to put it into my calender manually. Spike is spending a bunch of money advertising the show–you’d think they’d want to make sure I don’t forget. And this wholesale nfl jerseys goes for all shows advertising new episodes or new shows. If something spikes the users interest its in the companies best interest to help the customer. Yes I can Football schedule something to record if I want to cheap nfl jerseys look it up in the guide.

But we as consumers are lazy wholesale nfl jerseys and want everything to be made easy. The best thing the cable company and their partner stations could do is make life easy for people who want to use their products. Otherwise people will migrate to the web like I have. I на still to this day don’t know when “30 Rock” is on television. And I don’t care because I watch it on whenever I want. Sorry Comcast, Cablevision, and everyone else who thinks they have a monopoly.

See, marketing is fun.